Joan Crous Pladevall

In 80s, Joan Crous, from a small town in Catalunya and passionate with inventions created one velocipede. He named JOACRO.


His workshop was his house. It was not too big, but with his oven was enought to mould the steel to make the frame and other bike parts.


The characteristics of all velocipedes have a larger front wheel than the rear and direct transmission in the front wheel, so the pedals it be fixed directly to the axle of the wheel and do not require brakes. The reasons to have a big wheel in front are because how much larger the wheel be, farther it could travel with a rotation of the pedals.


Crous in 80's was already innovating: direct transmission liked it, but he did not want the pinion to remain fixed. Then, he designed a system that allowed the pinion to get rid of the transmission of forces when the rider stop pedaling and designed some drum brakes to stop the velocipede when he wants.


*Velocipede: considered the precursor of the bike. The term was coined by the French Nicéphore Niépce in 1818 to describe its version of Laufmaschine or Draisina, which was invented by the German Karl Drais in 1817.



Roger Tuneu Crous

PYRMON was born in the heart of the PYRenees to make your dreams come true! We have the same mission of JOACRO: Showing that theories are made to break them!


We work with love, with passion and only for you.

Our fundamental pillars are:


Personalization: Our products are uniquely and designed exclusively for each one of you. That is the only way to make sure that your PYRMON is your perfect.


Innovation: We bet on our potential, to create new things and surprise the most wild and demanding riders. 


Performance: We test all our products in the most extreme conditions we can imagine, because this is the best way to guarantee the best performance.


We are a team of people that constantly evolves to offer the most exclusive product of the best possible quality, so before appearing on the market, we are sure that our bikes could withstand the most extreme conditions. That's why we were present in the most extreme mountain bike races in the world, achieving excellent results.



25th edition IRON BIKE

El viejo rockero JOEL BERNADES



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